Welcome fellow Veggie Killah
Welcome fellow Veggie Killah
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About Us

Hello! I’m Kimberly. I’ve been a Vegan for more than seven years while it started out being health-based reasons that I went vegan, it’s now about the ethics and compassion more than anything.

I’m a wife, and mother of two very rapidly growing teens. I’m a veteran, a #metoo survivor, a trained graphic designer, and an artist. If there is something creative to experiment with doing, I’ve probably done it or have it on my to-do list. I love everything creative.


Self Portrait

This website is about combining my passion for both art and veganism. Veggie Killah is a bit of a poke at those who claim vegetables have feelings and feel pain so they might as well eat animals. I think most of us know that excuse is pure crap. While Veggie Killah will be the brand and a main theme, I will post all of my vegan designs here including those not featuring vegetable death and dismemberment. I’m hoping that as I have fun making these designs, you enjoy the concept and maybe purchase some items!

This is a print on demand business, I do not do any of the printing myself, only the design work. As such, I need feedback about both my product designs and the final outcome of the print vendor’s work so that I may offer you the best products possible. If there are any vendor-related issues (quality, printing, shipping) I would like to know about it so that I can adjust accordingly and help get you the product you deserve. I would also love to know if you think they did a great job!

If you have any interest in my artwork, it can be found at Art Cathartic

Thanks for visiting!