Welcome fellow Veggie Killah
Welcome fellow Veggie Killah
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Still committing Vegecide! Working toward relaunch!

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Well, hello Veggie Killahs it's been a while! We are still here, quietly waiting for the right minute to make a come back in this, hopefully, post COVID world.

Like many businesses, COVID took us out quickly. We basically stopped advertising and stopped trying to sell anything while manufacturing worked itself out. It's hard when you launch a big advertising campaign and give it everything (the week before COVID) right in time for everything to shut down and figure out that you've just thrown that chance/money out the window. It took a bit for me to be in the right mental place to want to build back up and relaunch.

We will probably try to advertise via social media word of mouth and see how that goes for a bit before trying to invest more money into it. I'm working on several new designs, as well as working on my creative outlet Art Cathartic and the items I sell there.

Relaunch won't be the fastest process but we are still here, we are fulfilling orders, and we are getting items to you on time once again. I hope if you ordered from us at the start of COVID (those orders were all full refunds even if you received the product you ordered), or were planning to right when we were forced to pause that you'll come back and look again and place that order. If you have ordered and received product I would love if you come back and share the good, the bad and the ugly- we will not fake, erase, or buy reviews so if you're wondering why we don't have any: 1) We don't harass customers to leave comments 2) People tend to leave bad reviews more than good ones and even with our manufacturing issues we worked hard to make sure no one was unhappy with us 3) we will not fake, erase, or buy reviews . I'm a solve the problem person, not a let's hide the problem person.

I've asked a fellow vegan and veteran to assist with cleaning up the shop and reorganizing designs so hopefully that will start moving soon! I know certain styles are out of stock based on the produce choices I made ages ago. I'm able to screen print again, but I'm not sure at what point I'll start doing that as I have a lot on my plate right now, but there will be announcements as I start personally screen printing again and information on what items are available that way. 

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