Welcome fellow Veggie Killah
Welcome fellow Veggie Killah
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Moving on to greener pastures

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During our Coronovirus break, we're moving our shop away from WooCommerce to hopefully greener pastures of Shopify. We're hoping this change is a positive one for all in that it will allow us to reduce shipping costs and product costs- saving you money. Hopefully by the time the world gets back to normal we are up and running at full capacity and so are the printers and we can get back to spreading the vegan message together! 

We hope those infested with this awful virus recover as quickly as possible and that everyone healthy is able to stay healthy and enjoy self-isolation to the greatest extent possible (it's not much change for us introverts). We also hope that every household is able to enjoy the benefit of toilet paper throughout these hard times. Remember, if someone tries to take the toilet paper you've finally found, just cough- they WILL back off. =) 

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